SUMMER – Gifts & Clothes

Oh summer, there you go… For some, summer is still present, but for me summer ends as soon as I get back from holidays.
It’s now been 2-3 weeks, that I came back from Portugal and I’m still feeling quite “nostalgic” about that to be honest. I miss the sun, being able to put on your most loved summer outfits, not having to worry about anything, the fun … But hey!, there will be more of that “”soon”” and after all we all got to go back to normal life at some point!
But let’s leave it here with the introduction and move to the important stuff :
When on holidays, I spent a lot of time with my (lovely) cousin, Tatiana, who actually gave me a shoe box filled with some cute little things, which I’m about to show you here.

P1000951P1000997The first thing that popped into my eye, when opening the box, was this beautifully looking bottle.
Victoria’s Secret Pink Beach Weekend foaming body wash *breathe*, which smells extraordinarily good !
P1000961P1000959A little, pretty bracelet from Firenze (Italy).
P1000965 P1000966Some postcards and two little books, a german one (which was more of a ‘joke’ present as it is kind of a children’s story lolz) and a french one (as I know that a lot of my readers are french : this seems to be a nice book to read during your free time, “for fun”. It’s about a relationship between a teenager and a married woman; this is all I’m telling you as I haven’t even read the book myself).
P1000990 P1000991Two of the cutest plasters I’ve ever seen.

Among these little things, were also some edible goodies, which are obviously gone by now + some undiz lol (I didn’t really feel like taking a picture of them and I also can’t find them on the site, so yeah, sorry?).

I obviously also went shopping while in Portugal, considering that they have (great) shops we don’t have here. UNFORTUNATELY, I didn’t buy as much as I was expecting. There was a lot on my wishlist, which I really didn’t manage to purchase, however I’m extremely happy with what I got!

P1000992P1000993P1000976I got myself one of these famous ‘chokers’ at a medieval fair, which I’m really in love with it.
P1000983  A little bracelet/anklet, which I bought in one of those amazing, mini souvenir shops.

P1010022P1010018 I bought this rather summerly dress in one of those cheap little stores for like 7€, woohoo.
P1010024 P1010025Skinny, high waisted jeans – Pull&Bear (17,99€)
Belt – Bershka (4,99€)

And that’s all I got; feel free to leave comments, tell me what you liked, what you didn’t like, what I could change, etc. …

See you, pretty faces x


As I’m on holidays right now (at the moment I’m posting this) and as I don’t have internet in the place I’m staying, I decided to prepare a little article in advance, so that I can simply post it some day via my phone, when I’m at a place with internet. This way, my blog doesn’t stay “article free” for a whole month. (hope you somehow understand this little confusion, if not : never mind)
Let’s begin then : this is basically going to be about summer outfits – Oh my God, for real?! I bet you didn’t see that coming lol – ; I made up some Polyvores (?), which I hadn’t done for quite a long time now. Was fun!, so here we go….



Miley Cyrus totally rocks this outfit!


You surely know those summer days, where it’s hot but still quite fresh and where you then don’t really feel like showing too much skin.

This is it, I could keep going BUT unfortunately I don’t really have time anymore and believe me : you do need time (and patience!!) to create polyvores! If you’re feeling really bored right now or whenever, just visit this site and free your imagination (you will be sent to the site as soon as you click the word Polyvores right at the beginning of this article).

Hope you’re having great holidays,
see you soon,
xoxo ♡


Is it my birthday? No. Is it christmas yet? No.
There’s just a lot I’ve been wanting lately, so why not share it with you?!

  “LONDONPARIS” Stitching Black Backpack

ASOS  Backpack with Double Buckle Detail

Backpacks can be so useful during summer when you’re going out with friends, to the beach for example or if you’re simply on holidays, visiting a new city or so : you can carry your bottle of water with you, a camera, whatever you want, while always keeping your (sweaty?) hands free to hold your ice cream! + it looks super cute/cool.

River Island Watermelon Print Bling Balconette
ASOS Leaf Print Bow Side Bikini Pant
ghgfhf      ngnfgf
Motel Lolita Bikini                                               ASOS Tropical Fruit Bandeau Bikini
jnjnhjj                 ggfhgf
Blue Geo Print Bandeau Bikini Top                Black Watermelon Print Bikini Bottoms

Summer obviously also means : beach and/or pool. Therefore, we need a pretty bikini! Personally, I always just own one bikini per summer, as I never go to the pool and just once – if I’m lucky - to the beach. My current bikini is made of a simple black bottom and a white & black top, but this year, I’m really liking “fruity” and flowered bikinis, so bring in the colour!

cghjj uyt
ASOS Dress with Ruched Side

Forever21 – Floral Trim Cami Dress
Forever21 – Spotted Floral Cami Dress
Anna Turn Back T-Shirt Crepe Shift Dress
Jessica Rose Smock Dress

This summer I’m really into simple, “large” dresses, which look extremely cute. To make your outfit look like something special, you just need the right shoes and some accessories (like long necklaces, hats, etc. …).

Sasha Floral Print KimonoSasha Floral Print Kimono 2
Sasha Floral Print Kimono
Debbie Paisley Open Shoulder Kimono
Anabel Monochrome Rose Print Tassel Kimono
Pheobe Floral Print Tassel Kimono

Kimonos, the best thing for summer. They’re thin, so they won’t keep you too hot and they’ll make your outfit look amazing. Just imagine, you can go all black/white with a flowered kimono, which will make it look fabulous. (I had seen that first one quite a long time ago, but my mom didn’t want me to buy it *sad face*)

ASOS Floral Print Cami Playsuit

Smock Playsuit

Petra Paisley Print Chiffon Swing Playsuit
Dena Ethnic Print Double Strap Swing Playsuit
New Look – Tokyo Doll Black and Pink Ditsy Floral Crochet Hem Playsuit

I love love love oh and love playsuits ! I really really really want one – more than one even -.

Image 3 of ASOS Shorts in Elephant Print with Pom Pom HemImage 1 of ASOS Shorts in Elephant Print with Pom Pom Hem
ASOS Shorts in Elephant Print with Pom Pom Hem
ASOS Culotte Shorts in Gingham Check Print


Nasty Gal – Drive Me Daisy Short
ASOS Skort

Loving these large/’loose’, high waisted shorts this year!

bbb image2xxl
ASOS Crochet Lace Frill Socks

ASOS Lace Trim Ankle Socks

I want some “lace socks” so badly, because they don’t just look cute, they’re perfect to wear with my jellies which I wore the other day for the very first time and which destroyed my feet lol!

There’s muuuuuch more I want to be honest, but ey, ain’t nobody got money fo’ that unfortunately.
Have a nice summer, filled with sun, love and fun!

Thank you !


Thank you?! Yes, thank you for following me and for visiting my blog, lovely people !
Yesterday, I reached the 100 follows (101 even, I have to say though, that you’re not all very active) on this blog and not that long ago, I got to 1,000 views (1,057 right now). I started this blog on the 29th September 2013 – not even 1 year ago wow – and I must say that I’m quite happy and proud of myself at the same time. I have to admit, that I didn’t start very optimistic, thinking that this wouldn’t end in anything, anyways. I mean, this was my very first blog and I wasn’t really sure that anyone would like what I talk about on here, nor did I think that “so many” people would click on the follow button, nor that I would be able to do this for “so long” (It are just a few months, huh, calm down!, you must be thinking. But believe me, my laziness is impossible; I always find an excuse to postpone things like this).
It’s really you – whoever you are -, that motivate me, to keep doing this. I mean, with 1-2 likes on my articles, no comments at all and 20 followers, after all this, I would’ve already given up for sure. As a language/literature student, it obviously makes me more than happy, to see that people actually take their time, to read what I wrote.
As this blog wouldn’t exist without you, I would now like to know a few things : what type of my articles do you prefer? (Inspirations, ‘Style of the day’, etc. …); what is it that you don’t like that much on here?; is there anything specific you’d like to see on here? (I’m actually thinking about adding more serious articles,which aren’t fashion or beauty related!)
So yeah, feel free to leave some comments about my blog in general!



Not that long ago, I posted an article about lipstick and lip care – here – and not thaaat long ago, I also went to Antwerpen, Belgium (classtrip). There I entered a Lush shop for the first time in my entire life and bought myself – after hesitating quite a lot – a lip scrub! The famous Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub.
(don’t worry, I also don’t understand anything of what’s written on there)
About this lip scrub in general : it looks super cute, smells incredibly good and the taste is wonderful as well!
How to use it : take a bit of it with your finger, rub it on your lips and at the end you can simply lick it off, as simple and practical as that.
Does it work? It does. Or at least I feel like it does. After having applied it, your lips really do feel softer and ‘cleaner’! You just have to apply it regularly if you want to have them soft all the time, because obviously after 2-3 days they’re quite dry again.
This is really useful to apply before putting lipstick on, because lipstick clearly looks better when put on smooth and dead-skin-free lips!
Price : 9,45€ (quite pricey I must say, but after all it lasts quite long, so one can’t really complain)

This is it for this quick review (I’m sure you already read enough about this product on other blogs), hope you liked it.
xoxo, beauties.


Hello girlsss (and boys?!),
I feel like it is now so long ago that I sat down, to write a proper article!
But anyways, now I am here, ready to start.
You surely already noticed this new trend with the boyfriend jeans! To be honest, a few years ago, when “boyfriend jeans” became famous, they looked way different – and worse – at least that’s how I have them in mind. Super large, but super tight on the ankles, the super low crotch, a potato sack basically. Eventhough they looked so bad, everyone seemed to like and want them – even I did, yes, judge me. Thanks mom for not wanting to buy me those -!
Fortunately, they have changed to the better and it’s about those I wanna “talk” (or better said : show) here and also about how good they look, worn the right way.
Another thing I’ve noticed, is that the stripe tops have had their comeback as well! And as I’m quite a fan of it, I’ll be showing some pwetty pictures of that, too.

ctgin - CopieOh, look at this : boyfriend jeans + stripes! Personally love this outfit.
fbbfg - Copie ffdbfd - Copie ffvfvf - Copie gfg - Copie As you also notice, most of these oh-so-wanted boyfriend jeans are torn, which brings that special touch into the more classy combinations.
vfbf vfbfb vvffAnd how good they look with every type of shoe, hell yeah.
bhyh - CopieEven Kylie – the queen – Jenner, mixes both : stripes and boyfriend jeans.
bhjbhvh - Copie bhjhvy - Copietgdgdr - Copie hjbhbuj - CopieThis outfit looks so cool !
gghh - Copie uhfds - CopieSo as you see, stripes are everywhere.

Hope you liked this article,
see you soon,


tumblr_mzgs4zVcQ61qkujiyo1_500cgttg tgtgyvgvtyvh
ghfd ngfbb tumblr_mz7ox8nxyd1qass69o1_500tumblr_mztht3XBum1qzkuk6o1_500
Coffee, magazines, books, pretty shoes, plants, etc. … this is basically Instagram in a few pictures.
I started my own Instagram not that long ago, so if you’d like to take a look (and maybe follow?!) : @sofivx . ☺
Comment with your Instagram and I’ll take a look at yours, if you want!


P.S.: A normal, fashion-related article is on its way. It will just take some time to finish, because of school, but I’ll do my best to publish it as soon as possible!

Inspiration Of The Day : BARBARA PALVIN


hbyujName : Barbara Palvin
Birth Date : October 8, 1993 (20 years old)
Birth Place  : Budapest, Hungary
cfvdcdBeautiful Barbara was discovered at the age of 13, while randomly walking the street with her mother.
She modeled in the Asian market for a while. Then signed with IMG.jytgfUnknown subject
She is 5’7 (1,70m), which is considered as short for a model.
vghgtcghIn July 2012 she made it to #40 on the list of the 50 best models.
Barbara preferes to not wear make-up when she doesn’t have to and washes her face twice a day with cold water -same-.
As most of you also must know : she’s a Victoria’s Secret model.
L’Officiel, Jalouse, Vogue, Harper’s Bazar, Elle, … Barbara appeared on the cover of these and other magazines.
Recently there had also been rumours, saying that Barbara Palvin was having something with One Direction member Niall Horan. If it’s true or not, no idea.
(Sara Sampaio & Barbara)

Now you (and I), know more about this gorgeous, young girl.
Hope you liked it.

P.S. : FOR MY FRENCH READERS → my cousin Tatiana is doing a little GIVEAWAY over on her blog! You won’t lose anything by participating, you can just win. So head over to her blog – WEARETHECOOLKIDS – for more information! ☺


bgfbgf kjfgqefd                     nffftumblr_mch67ueGNC1qc4ujwo1_500

No one wants dry, chapped lips, right! After all, healthy looking lips call more for a kiss than cracked ones.
So here some stuff to use, to keep your lips smooth.

Lip care:
Drinking a lot of water to hydrate (your lips) is very important!

tumblr_mfs7siRvNl1r3r4ieo1_500 ,gh,hj
A lipstick will also just look perfect on soft, smooth lips, after all, putting lipstick on damaged lips would simply result in a mess.
So make sure you take care of your lips, if you’re waiting for a kiss or if you’re planning on putting some colour on them!



Hair oh hair. Something a lot of us girls couldn’t live without, eventhough it can be a daily battle. Bad hair days are really bad, huh. What will I do now? I just have 15 minutes left to get ready. This is such a mess, I hate my hair. We all have at least pronounced one of these sentences once in our lives, let’s admit it.
But there are actually a lot of ways to do your hair, so don’t worry, you’ll surely find a solution for that “mess”!

If you straighten your hair on a daily basis, you should take a lot of care or simply stop straightening it every single day, because at the end it will just be all broken and start looking awful.

Wavy hair gives one a messy and quite natural look and there are actually easy ways to make your hair look naturally wavy! The easiest way, which requires no heat at all of course is the “wet braid” method, we all know.

tumblr_n3kbifdQFj1r5ey1mo1_500gbghgfbf,nvjfdLove natural curly hair!

ghnf tgfgh tumblr_n3o1wtXbok1so18wzo1_500 tumblr_n3o33zUeD81rsfuzqo1_400
Simple and messy, high or low, ‘strict’ and tidy, there are a lot of ponytail types, which don’t always fit everyone’s face.

Fishtail braid, really easy to do actually.
Halo braid, perfect for hotter days.

bbf bhbhjtumblr_n3ijxlY6m21qhsmllo1_1280

Be it messy or tidy, a bun is always the easiest solution to get rid of our (sometimes) annoying hair.

cdcd(Kylie Jenner)
hnjhbhjhair1588A lot of girls tend to prefer long hair and hate their hairdressers as soon as those cut 1mm more than asked, but there are so many girls we all know, who cut their hair a good bit shorter and it looks fabulous!

hair hbuyj tumblr_n3d8u8ZGh71r6qwqvo1_400Quite in love with these pale colours.

tumblr_n2y6ziDWZ01soqp8co1_500hntygfyhtumblr_mbaizgJIbX1rp08jho1_500htfhthFlowers, a hat, beanie, a cute bow, there is a lot you can use to decorate your head.

As you see there are many things you can do with your hair, so be wild and try out new looks if you’re feeling like making a little change on yourself!