I have been wanting tons of little things for quite some time now, and I thought : why not share some of them on my blog? It’s really nothing special, nor anything I REALLY NEED, just some bits and bobs that would be pretty useful in my life right now.

1. C A L E N D A R
Calendar2The first wanted item on my list would be a calendar. There’s really not much to say about this… I just never really had a proper calendar all to myself, but I actually think that it would be SO useful. I don’t have an extremely exciting life, full of diverse activities I got to remind myself of, but I still do have plans (for the weekend for example) from time to time, which I would love to write down on a calendar, just to have it right in front of me, to make sure I don’t forget about it.
Found these two on Paperchase for £10 (13-14€).

2. A N T I – S T R E S S  C O L O U R I N G  B O O K
colouring book 2 colouring bookcolouring book 3
No need to explain what these are good for, as you can easily guess by the titles.
You can get these on Amazon for 6-8€.

3. W O R L D  M A P
world map
I loooove travelling and I wish I could do it more often, but oh well… ONE DAY.
This here above is a scratch map (from Urban Outfitters for £20).

4. M E M O R Y  B O A R D
I didn’t really find a good picture to illustrate this, but you all know what a memory board is (if not : google). I guess I just like to stay organised and a memory board could really help me with that.

And I’d stop here. There’s more I want, but I don’t want to be here bombarding you with little irrelevant things…
(better posts coming soon, hopefully)



As you can imagine (if you read the title of this article), I went to Brussels, Belgium. And I went shopping there. And I am now going to show you what I bought.

/!\ before I start though, I would like to apologize for these amateur pictures of the various items, but you must understand that it is 1. quite difficult taking good pictures with my little digital camera in my room, where the lightning isn’t always the best and 2. I actually wanted to take pictures of me wearing the items, but it is even more difficult doing that all by yourself /!\

P1010146Let’s start with my new beloved trousers.
‘Oh my God what, did you steal those from your grandfather’s closet?’, is what most of you must be thinking now, but believe me, if one wears them right, one can totally pull them off.
P1010148 P1010137
TROUSERS – Bershka 14,99€ instead of 24,99€
fun fact : I actually bought the last size there was left of this and that was EU 46, eventhough I normally wear EU 36 lolol BUT it still looks coolP1010141
KNIT VEST : New Look 7€ instead of 14,99€
CROP TOP : Primark 3,50€
Now this here is my very first clothing item from Urban Outfitters and you can’t even imagine how happy I am with this hah
Can you actually believe that this little top here initially cost 52 freaking € ??! I mean : Urban Outfitters, you sell everything I probably ever wanted BUT the amount of money you ask for certain items is just stupid.
FLORAL CAMI : Urban Outfitters 16€ instead of 52€ (oh how I love sales)

EARRINGS – Pull&Bear; 3,99€ instead of 6,99€
P1010117RINGS – New Look; 6,99€
BACKPACK – Primark; 14€

FACE MASK : Primark 1€ (it smelled deliciously, but didn’t really do its job)
SHOWER PUFF : Primark 1,50€
BOBBY PINS : Primark 1,50€

That’s all I bought during my little trip.
Once again : I am so NOT happy with how this whole post looks, because I wish the pictures were … better, but oh well, just make sure to click on the links (everything written in blue) to get to the sites.


VANESSA HUDGENS “slaying it”


I haven’t been posting anything on here, I know, but don’t worry, it’s not like I forgot about this blog!
I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking about something good I could talk about on here and while scrolling through my tumblr dashboard, I fell on something that I thought would be worth ‘writing’ about : Vanessa Hudgens.
Not just about Vanessa Hudgens in general, but about Miss Hudgens recently – Vanessa in NY – Vanessa’s recent outfits. Every single time I go on tumblr, a new picture of Vanessa H. pops up and let me tell you : I am loving what she’s been wearing!
She totally rocks maxi dresses/skirts.
P.s.: also love her short hair.
These are just a few of her amazing outfits, but I think it’s enough for you to understand what I meant…

I hope you enjoyed it,
see you later.


Good morning/ Good afternoon/ Goodnight.

“Discoveries” – In this case : people I discovered not that long ago and who quite impressed/captivated me.

Sarah Close, a 19-year-old girl living in London, caught my attention with her covers of some great and recent songs. I actually discovered her through Alfie (aka pointlessblog, a pretty well known british youtuber), who mentionned her in one of his videos. Sarah is young, pretty, has an amazing voice and appears as an extremely simple and nice person in her videos. It’s basically just her playing the piano and singing in her room, in front of a camera. Check it out.

Jessie, a 20-year-old girl from London as well, currently studying in Edinburgh.
Jessie doesn’t sing (as far as I know), but she has a great fashion sense! I really like her way of combining certain clothing items with each other. Apart from that, she also makes GRWMs (Get Ready With Me), where she films herself getting her makeup done, etc. Her makeup is quite simple but pretty; her essentials must be eyeliner and lipstick, as those are the main ‘elements’ that stick out (but let’s of course not forget her multiple piercings and rings, which I totally adore).
She also vlogs (= video blogging), films hauls, etc.
(her voice kinda annoys me tbh, but that doesn’t stop me from watching and enjoying her videos)

And the last person on my list is Yanin. I don’t have much information about her, but I know that she’s a great fashion blogger, with an incredible fashion sense, too. Just take a look yourself :

I’ll end it here.
Now, did you already know any of these girls? What are your thoughts on them? AND have you got any youtubers/bloggers to suggest me? (or simply : who are your favourite youtubers/bloggers?)
I’d really appreciate if you answered this last question as I’m always happy to put new ‘people’ to my “list”.

Hope you have a nice day, xoxo.


yes, I’m still alive. Actually, the reason why I now take so long to post articles is simply because I really don’t find the motivation nor the ideas to post regularly. I don’t want to just post something because I feel like “I have to” (eventhough I also think no one cares anyways?!). I want the articles to be good, to be done with pleasure and not to be forced.
ANYWAYS, here we go with another little post about fashion, clothes and outfits I like.
This time I decided to go for something quite simple as the title of this post suggests, as that is more my kind of personal style at the moment and also for the simple reason that I slightly fell in love with some of the following outfits.
Just to make it clear, by simple I’m mostly referring to the colours as I mainly went for discrete colours like black and white.
tumblr_n7klzwkJWR1qbd0qho1_1280 tumblr_n2emodQOJz1qbd0qho1_1280
These outfits are perfection.
tumblr_ncdhutEWY11r5n9x4o1_500 tumblr_n19x8sL2KV1qbd0qho1_1280
Same here, pf.
tumblr_netzcjZunx1rsyaepo1_1280 tumblr_nan7c4kKdo1qi1c6wo1_500
Love the trousers from the picture on the right!
tumblr_n13z2sPiP81qfuxzxo1_1280 tumblr_nid65wKQPy1rarw77o1_500
A little bit of colour’s allowed…
tumblr_nh9sg0p3cK1qe2hddo1_500 tumblr_nezignLkJu1r3hbd2o1_500

And that’s it.
As you can see, there’s really not a lot of colour involved, but this then gives us the chance to play with the different existing clothing materials. And also : sometimes less is more!

Hope you liked it and also hope that this was any helpful for you, in case you were looking for some inspiration for outfits.

2015, the beginning


2015, huh, how time flies, God…
Don’t worry, I’m not here to quote you things like “New year, new me” and all that other blabla people throw at you at every beginning of a new year.
In fact, I’m here to motivate you (and myself kind of) for 2015!
2014 actually wasn’t my year, it was filled with a lot of mixed feelings and most of the time not the most positive ones, and I guess that’s why I’m now pretty excited for this new year. I learned from my mistakes though, as well as I learned from others’ mistakes, I got a clearer view of certain people, I grew (“in wisdom” lol) etc. …

tumblr_nhgwa1OGrY1s2j0zlo1_500But most importantly : I learned to accept myself, I gained some self-confidence! I feel happy about the way I look and about how I’m…build. Now please don’t take this in an arrogant way, because I’m still far away from that (I don’t even want to get to that point actually!); I’m not saying that I would now feel comfortable being in underwear in front of anyone or whatever you might be thinking, but I simply feel comfortable being in underwear “in front of myself”. I think it’s important that everyone feels this way! Everyone should be able to look at their body and smile or at least be satisfied with it! We all tend to believe what others tell us; when someone says “you’re fat”, we feel fat, when we get told that ‘we’re too thin’, we feel too thin, and so on… But fact is : screw them, screw others’ opinions. Who said that they’re right? Who said their definition of “fat” and “thin” is right? Who said that “fat” and “too thin” and whatever is bad? This all sounds like some Hannah Montana/Selena Gomez song, but you get the idea…
It’s your body, so it’s your task to decide if it’s good or not… Just please stay on the healthy road!


So yes, I gained some self-confidence, I now also feel much more comfortable wearing things I really like and I’ve stopped thinking about what others might think of what I’m wearing. I like it, I wear it. And guess what?! I feel much better like this.
I don’t need to please everyone, I can’t even stand most of the people who see me on a daily basis, so why even bother?! The only person I want to please right now is myself. I personally admire those who live just for themselves, who don’t try to please anyone, who do their own thing and it’s kind of my “aim” to have someone seeing me that way. One could even describe this as a form of independency.

tumblr_nan7c4kKdo1qi1c6wo1_500 tumblr_nhm8vrGhRG1tws238o1_500 Processed with VSCOcam with m2 preset

As you can see, 2014 might not have been one of my best years, but I still learned a lot from it! And I want to make good use of all the things I learned and gained in 2014 this year, in order to have an excellent 2015.
Now, I’m not really a resolutions person, but I set myself some goals for this year and even already have things I’m looking forward to do this year.

Goals :
– get a freaking summer job!!! (now this has been my “goal” since like 2013 lol but this time it’s for real! I’m at least gonna try!)
– get my driving licence! (becoming 18 soon, sooo…)
– pass my year! (school ofc)
– be more positive, do more of what makes me happy and ignore what doesn’t

Things I’m looking forward to :
– Ed Sheeran concert *shriek of excitement*
– travelling (don’t know when or where or if the things I have in mind will work out, but I’ll surely at least go to one place)

tumblr_mi75i6118p1r0vwc4o1_500 tumblr_ndget4KQB41rv857go1_1280

And that’s it for the goals and things I’m looking forward to for the moment. Having these just excites me more for this year and kind of reassures me. I’m not simply entering a year with no plan at all, or just letting myself go. I actually have things I want to do and achieve and I know that there will be amazing things I’ll be experiencing and all that just makes life much more interesting for me!
I can just recommend you to do the same! Make a list of things you would like to do (this year or even in the far future), write down things you are going to do which you can’t wait for, make a list of things you know you should do (find a job?! get better grades?! …), etc. … You will notice that having it in front of you, being able to read it, will just excite you more and even motivate you! Wanna meet your actual idol(s)?! Well write it down and maybe one day, in a few years, you will be able to actually meet them and you can cross that thing out of your list!

tumblr_myopbhS6b51t3d0yfo1_500 tumblr_n19m7dQIjC1tnc4moo1_500 tumblr_nhi8itjc6s1qiegwlo1_500

You aren’t meant to get everything you desire done in just one year, you got your entire lifetime in front of you, so don’t feel disappointed if you aren’t able to get something done, because of ‘financial problems’ or because your parents won’t let you!
You want something?! Work for it, do your best to get it and be patient (I know this last point can be really hard but…).

(just to clarify : I still had some pretty good moments in 2014! Really loved the summer I had with my baby gurl Tatiana, for example + all the pictures were taken from tumblr)

And that’s it. What are your plans for 2015? Are you excited for it?


Dear Father Christmas,
I have been a really nice girl this year, so here’s my ‘2014 wishlist’ :


1. B O O K S // Girl Online – Zoe Sugg (yes, one of the main reasons why I want this is because I totally adore Zoella, BUT I’ve also already read the first pages and I really like her writing style, kind of reminded me of John Green!), Paper Towns – John Green (the movie will come out around June, so why not read the book first!), Let It Snow – John Green, Lauren Myracle & Maureen Johnson.
2. U N D E R W E A R // I don’t know why, but I really want Calvin Klein undies, I mean… It is expensive yes! but I just can’t resist.
3. R I N G S // I want rings, silver rings especially, because I just own golden or rusty rings and well…
4. B R A L E T T E S // There is just nothing to say, I want one and that is that.


5. L I P S T I C K // I own a bordeaux lipstick, which is a quite ‘strong’ and striking colour and therefore I would like to also own a more soft, lighter lipstick colour, which I could wear regurlarly. (that darker lipstick on the picture is just because I love the colour and just couldn’t resist and not put it here, it’s from Charlotte Tilbury just like the one on the right, in case anyone of you wants to know)
6. M A S C A R A // I’m running out of mascara, that’s all.
7. D R Y  S H A M P O O // It’s so practical, I mean, I don’t wash my hair every day and sometimes it somehow manages to get greasy quicker than it should (not extremely greasy, but still) and isn’t it amazing to then just have some dry shampoo to quickly apply before leaving for school?!
8. N A I L P O L I S H // My nailpolishes are a mess at the moment, so time to renew my nailpolish collection!

WISHLIST 2014 39. P E R F U M E // Délices de Cartier, I got one of those perfume samples of this one the other day and wow, love it!
10. P E R F U M E // Manifesto – YSL, same with this one (it’s either one or the other though, not asking for both obviously)
11. S K I N C A R E // Redness Solutions – Clinique, ok, so basically I’ve got weird skin. It’s not like I’ve got extreme redness, because on good days you really don’t see any of it, but on bad days : ew. I really hate it. The space between my eyebrows, is the worst spot and I would really like to have something to soothe it on such days.
12. B A C K P A C K // They’re cute, they’re practical and that’s all.


13. C L O T H E S // I want a freaking coat! Be it with or without fur, I just want a beautiful, warm coat, so that I don’t have to always wear my actual black and boring jacket. (but I must say that I especially like the one with just fur around the ‘neck’, as I saw Gabriella Lindley aka velvetgh0st wearing a similar one the other day in her vlog and instantly fell in love)
14. C L O T H E S // Capes. I don’t know…why always just wear an actual jacket/coat!? (and yes, I got again inspired by a youtuber : Zoella (you barely see it but well))
15. B E D D I N G // Is it weird to want something like this for Christmas? If yes : well I don’t care, because my actual bedding is from like 10 years ago and has Barbies and other childish stuff on it lolz, and I think that a bedroom always looks better with a nice bedding.
16. M U S I C // I want a loudspeaker or iPod Player or however you call that, because you surely know that feeling when you just want to listen to music from your iPod/MP3 player out loud.

I know that there is a LOT on my wishlist, but I simply put everything on here that came to my mind. I’m obviously not expecting to get everything from this list, this was also mainly to give you an idea of what you could ask for or buy your friends/sister for Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and see you soon!